Main Rules

Last updated: 2017/06/07


  1. Be respectful to all players out-of-character.
  2. Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game or in global chat. Appeals or reports can be made on the forums.
  4. In game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits
  5. Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden.
  6. A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules.
  7. Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation.


Random Death Match (RDM)

  • Players directly harming your life, property and/or freedom may be killed without warning.
  • Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning.
  • All other cases require a valid 10 second warning, which is a clear set of instructions delivered through normal chat towards a single target.
  • If a target of which a warning and/or inducing action is being directed too shows hostile intent, such as but not limited to specifically pulling out a weapon (and not the other way around), then action can be made instant.
    • Examples of Inducing Actions: Stunsticking, Raping, Mugging, Pimp Slapping, and etc.
  • The mayor may not be killed during Mayor Grace for any reason.


  • Your character may not use information beyond their knowledge. This includes but is not limited any form of revenge killing, warrant, wanting, or demoting

Props and Entities

  • Prop/Entity spamming, blocking, climbing, surfing, and minging is not allowed.
  • Do not spawn props inside of other players’ bases, during raids, or inside of a server event.
  • Building abnormally large bases, obscene objects, or other RP-restricting structures (i.e things blocking the road) will result in them being removed.

Basing and Building

  • You may have a building sign (using textscreen) to isolate and protect yourself from the RP world provided you do not have any raidables, and you are not engaging in role-play. It must be removed when you are finished.
  • The maximum amount of fading doors per base is three.
  • A keypad to a fading door must be clearly identifiable.
  • Bases cannot force players to crouch, jump, or crouch jump to enter.
  • Fading bridges and sky-bases are not allowed.
  • Base entrances as well as the overall inner layout must be absolutely clear and concise. (i.e mazes, traps, puzzles, etc.)

RP Relation

  • You are free to protect players that you have RP relationship with (the first rule of RDM extends to these people).
  • Ways to be RP related:
    • Job/Class – This takes precedence over all other RP relation. You must also follow all class rules before considering RP relation.
    • Owning the same base - You may only protect those within the vicinity of your base.
    • Organization – An organization can be made for $50,000 .
    • Hired/Working Together – You must be either hired through F4, or have your job name set as: /job "with person/org name here*"
    • Customer Relationship – Whilst performing your transaction you have RP relation with your customer

Raiding, Mugging, and Hostage Taking

  • You (and those RP related with you) must wait 10 minutes before performing these actions on the same person, base, or organization.


  • Maximum $1,000
  • Must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they are escaping
  • Any signs of hostile intent from the victim (taking out weaponry) is KOS, this does NOT include if the victim already has a weapon out.
  • Any signs of clear clear clear clear CLEAR attempts of escape from the victim renders them KOS

Hostage Taking

  • Hostage ransom cannot exceed $10,000.


  • Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately. You cannot occupy the base.
  • If it is obvious that there are no raidables in a base, you may not raid.
  • You may raid checkpoints as to dismantle their purpose.


Every class has their RP relation, ability to raid, ability to mug, and ability to take hostages listed on their descriptions.


  • Demotions are only for people who fail to satisfy the objectives of a certain job. Unique scenarios for demotion may be provided in the class rules below.
  • If a staff member is online, do not demote for server rule violations.

Government Classes

  • In the PD, the Mayor has final say on building defenses. If they waive this right, then it is passed on to the Police Chief.
  • The mayor cannot set laws that allow for rule violations or hinder role-play (including any law that restricts building)
  • Government may not own base doors other than the ones in PD (changing to a Government class will force sell your doors in-game)

Police Specific Rules:

  • Police must arrest instead of kill after giving a valid 10 second warning
  • Police must have a valid reason to want, warrant or arrest an individual
  • Police may arrest people past the PD lobby or KOS them if they are armed with hostile intent
  • Police may resort to KOS if a seemingly harmless wanted criminal takes out weaponry after being
  • Police may only build checkpoints if authorized by the Mayor
  • Police may not place illegal items inside a base to arrest or warrant them
  • Police may only raid with a warrant
  • Police cannot raid with criminals
  • IF a player is wanted, the police must make every attempt to arrest FIRST, unless they are armed with hostile intent. Do not confuse this with the police absolutely having to acknowledge crime, they have every right to be corrupt and ignore it.

Grounds for demotion include:

  • Violating custom laws. However, they can be immune laws that prohibit them from performing their duties (e.g. Guns are illegal).
  • Setting laws that give special treatment to a particular person or group
  • Receiving payment for law changes
  • Refusing to enforce the laws

DJ and Cinema Owner

  • DJ’s may not place their radio within the vicinity of another already-established radio

Meth Head

  • Meth Heads are NOT governed by the RDM rules
  • Meth Heads may not be RP related to anyone except other Meth Heads


  • Do not self-supply. This also includes switching to a job already occupied by another player on the server, and purchasing goods at the maximum discounted price. You may do so only if the job is completely unoccupied, I.E you being the only one within the job.
  • Do not scam. Including, but not limited to, anything you may be thinking of right this second. "Vendoring" encompasses all trade and transactions even while not being a vendor job, and as always, staff retain constant discretion over anything that may or may not be scamming. Also, this holds no relation to "Gambling", something that users should be utilizing through functions already found on the server (Gambling Machines). If you are scammed after free hand gambling with other players on the server without utilizing the previously mentioned functions, you are on your own.

Sit Watchers Sit watching is an opportunity for potential staff to learn how we conduct day-to-day operations as a staff member. Anyone may request to be a sit watcher, but you can be denied for any reason. Furthermore, if you are accepted, you must abide by the following rules:

  • You be actively sit watching at all times
  • You may not disrupt any sits in progress or engage in inappropriate behavior in the sit room

For specific grey-area scenarios, please check out our FAQ: